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bulletElectric Panel Upgrades
bulletSwimming Pools / Hot Tubs
bulletLighting , Ceiling Fans
bulletFuses to Breaker Conversions
bulletLamp Post , Outdoor Plugs
bulletAdded Circuits, Phone, CATV
bulletCertified Aluminum Wire Repairs
bulletSafety Inspections
bulletEnergy Evaluations
bullet GENERATORS installed
bullet Don't be without power during a Storm or Hurricane again.  Let our Family protect you from the Dark & cold with a Automatic Standby system                                                    

PROBLEMS: Do your lights blink, or dim at times, when your A/C starts up do you see these problems more often ? Do you Trip Breakers from Hair Dryers in the bath rooms, or in the Kitchen when cooking ? Do you still have Out Dated FUSES, or have you had your electrical system inspected by a Licensed Electrician in the past 10 years, well you may need our services, and we want to help keep you safe with GFCI Protected Outlets, and Smoke Detectors, and ENERGY EFFICIENT with the latest in lighting. So give us a call today  513-742-9226

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bulletRepairing Aluminum Wiring
bulletTwister/Wire Nut Testing
bulletReducing The Fire Hazard in Aluminum-Wired Homes 
bulletFederal Pacific Electric Panels

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